NO1 MODELS Magazine is proud to announce we have just celebrated in style our 1st birthday. The 12th edition has been released and we are very excited as we approach our second year with a slight revamp and exciting future plans.

Part of the overall plan is to take our brand off shore and work on a grandeur international scale. NO1 MODELS will be supplied to the market in a hard copy publication as well as online subscriptions. One may ask why?? Well, we’ve done the research and according to our viewers comments, they still like having a hard copy they can pick up, refer back to and its instant. While most said it was great to have the publication online, the majority said if they have a copy in their hand, they know where to find what they’re looking for quickly and a paper magazine will never run out of power, no batteries needed not to mention the distraction (being online is a time waster and one is more distracted). When a magazine is on a counter top or table it also becomes a talking point when socialising and most expressed that computers, phones and ipads are very anti social these days. So to us, it made more sense.

NO1 MODELS magazine was the start. It was designed in a way so people all around the world could share their lives, interests, experiences, beauty, sexiness and inspirations. The roll on effect has its place as we indulge into makeup, fashion, fitness, wellbeing, healthiness and setting examples by way of motivation. NO1 MODELS magazine is addictive.

Now that the magazines first year is complete, it’s time to extend the brand further of which NO1 MODELS is about to run its first fashion show and will lead into its reality TV series. The fashion show will be held in Australia as will the first reality TV show. The support has been absolutely amazing and we are very blessed to have the involvement of so many wonderful people sharing our journey and successes.

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