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I am a Producer and an Entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Directing and many years of experience in the Media industry. I established my first corporation, IMAJH Media Company in the year 2000, a multimedia company that is producing television programs, commercials, and organizing events.

After many years of being successful in producing, I established my multimedia website, including my worldwide television channels, such as TV1 AMERICA, TV2 AUSTRALIA, TV3 EMIRATES, and TV4 ASIA, which are broadcasting entertainment, artistic, and educational programs for worldwide audiences.

I always believed in supporting the Media Industry Worldwide by providing opportunities to the talents and upcoming Stars. This belief allowed me to create a worldwide Community Network that educates new faces and brings the best media industry professionals together to produce the highest level of artistic productions currently available for the audience.

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We aim to reflect the incredible diversity within the world!

My Educational Courses

Want to Become a TV Producer?

Let us teach you about the Ins & Outs of Television Producing and what it takes to Create Your Own TV Show!

Anyone with the passion to create and produce interesting and unique content can broadcast their program on IMAJH live television channels. If you feel that your interests and perspective on life are not represented in today’s media, look no further as IMAJH is giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR shows seen and heard.

We aim to reflect the incredible diversity within the world and it’s up to YOU to make this happen! If you are an individual or a group looking to make waves in the world media, then start your goal by enrolling in my TV producing course.

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What does it take to become a Producer?
What does it take to become a Producer?

Create Your Own TV Show and Broadcast it on Our Channels for live audience.

Speech from
The People Show
The People Show

A Motivational Talk Show, presented by George Clooney.

The People Show

Celebrating NO1 MODELS Magazine
Celebrating NO1 MODELS Magazine

We are proud to announce we have just celebrated in style our 1st birthday.


What People Say About Me

“I believe that Mr. Clooney has a brilliant imagination about life, which gives him the ability to create new ideas in every subject that he is working on it. He is always clear with his plans and knows the best steps to make his imagination to reality.”

Crystal Diaz

Crystal Diaz

Presenter & Producer

“I worked with George for the past 25 years! He always had international ideas about the IMAJH company, and now his ideas are the reality. An international network for a worldwide audience!”

Dr. Reza Hojatpour

Dr. Reza Hojatpour

Chairman of IMAJH Ltd

“Whenever I talk to Mr. Clooney, he inspires me with his words about freedom and women’s rights! He empowered and supported many women through the organizations he created, and was the main reason for creating the culture of beauty pageants in Iran.”

Shadi Osmani

Shadi Osmani

Miss Iran 2014
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